New Rhino 7.0 Feature - Grasshopper Player 
And it's implementation to commercial architecture concept design phase

September 2022
This project is an eight-week architectural concept design for a confidential client in the summer of 2022. The concept focuses on connecting the campus with a variety of dynamic spaces in circulation. 

One of the innovative approaches at this stage is the implementation of a parametric workflow inside of Rhino 3D. Not everybody within the modelling team is familiar with grasshopper or any other programming language. By implementing the new feature in Rhino 7, Grasshopper Player, the 3d building modeling process is simplified with much more parametric-orientated customization that everyone can use just like the Rhino command. Designers can test the different spacing of the battens on the facade, or simply place multiple mullions on the curtain wall with simple input parameters. 
I created this workflow for efficiency at the beginning, but it turns out it can also be used for rapid building prototype studies. It helps us go through multiple design options on the facade in a short amount of time and finally got us successfully into the next phase! It has also been made available to other designers through regional learning calls.
Architectural Visualization - Enscape 3.4 Rendering in Rhino/Revit + Photoshop

March - September 2022
Here are a few of the visualizations done for different confidential architectural projects. The rendering tools are Enscape 3.4 with the post production done in Adobe Photoshop.
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