Collaborator Yvyang Lin
Instructors : Jie Han, Liangliang Wang, Suyv Li
Xiamen University  - Thesis Studio
June. 2018
 "Street-Corner Urbanism " Conceptual Design Competition 
Waterloo, Sydney, AU
Second Prize
Urban sponge strategy
Sponges have the ability to absorb water and release it when under pressure. Think of water as people, money, ideas, and sponges as people, money, ideas, etc. Sponges are distributed in multiple points in the city, forming an invisible net, which is composed of points and surfaces, forming the regulator of urban development and can maintain the stability of urban development under certain conditions.
At the crossroads of Waterloo, in a new round of urban renewal,  Waterloo needs to be able to adapt to regional development and changes of regulator, which could deal with excessive saturated  population, capital, ideas, etc., and can slow down the pace of city , in order to maintain the balance of urban development. At the same time, sponges provide the residents with a place to think about the future in the fractious social development.
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